Baby Contest

The Baby Contest is a fundraiser for the Mt. Pleasant Glass and Ethnic Festival Children's Relief Fund.

The money raised can be used for contributions to medicine for local children suffering from illnesses, families with children whom have recently suffered losses due to fires, toys for the pediatric unit at the hospital, playground equipment, etc. Your babies' participation in this event is greatly appreciated by the festival committee and the community. Please accept our thank you in advance for helping us to make this a successful event.
Sponsored by Frock Childcare

Latest Winners

1st Skyler Coulson
2nd Ziva Anderson
3rd Mario Mussori

Winner will be announced at 2:00pm by the Gazebo.

Rules and Regulations

• Babies must be no older than 12 months as of September 1.
• No Checks Accepted.
• Only 5x7 photos will be accepted and will be the property of the festival committee and may not be returned.
• All entries must be in by September 18, 2017.
• Voting will be done by contributions of money to the baby of the voter's choice.
• Voting ends promptly at 12:15 p.m. the Sunday of the festival.
• First, second and third place prizes will be awarded to the three babies with the most money collected.
• Solicitation of funds for individual babies can be done outside of the festival grounds and are welcome, as this is a charitable endeavor. Cans that are placed in businesses must be registered with the Glass Festival. The money must be deposited into the designated jar at the display booth prior to the 12:15 p.m. deadline. However, there will be no solicitation of monies anywhere but in the display booth at the festival.
• The amount of money collected for each baby will only be disclosed to the parents for each individual baby.
• Entrants' parents are asked to decorate their babies' strollers and participate in a Stroller Parade on Sunday. Entrants are asked to meet in front of the Veterans Wall at 1:00. Line up will be at 1:15 and the Stroller Parade will be at 1:30.
• Certificates of Participation will be given.
• Winners will be announced following the Stroller Parade on Sunday at the gazebo.
• Return entry forms with a 5x7 picture to Frock Childcare or mail to:
Baby Photo Contest
Frock Childcare
P.O. Box 581 Mt. Pleasant, PA. 15666.

For questions call 724.547.2531, ask for Cindy.