A Sparkling Fall Spectacular and a Homecoming Tradition!

The popular Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival evokes an atmosphere of tradition and happy memories. Located in a small town neighborhood, rows of homes outline the festival, showcasing a variety of architectural decor. There is a welcoming feel of comfortable charm for you, our guests, as you stroll the streets that have been transformed into festive walkways. Each day, the festival is alive with color and excitement. Blending into the night, the festival street glows with the lights of the booths and the porch lights of homes. No matter where you turn, unexpected delights, sounds of music, and fun-filled sights are everywhere. The unique Glass & Ethnic Festival experience is proof that the best of a small town American festival can be found in Mount Pleasant, PA. Treat Yourself… Enjoy the Festival!
The Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival is a tradition, but with a modern take that brings together entertainment and ethnic food in a non-traditional setting. Unlike typical festivals, the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival's decor is a blend of contemporary and nostalgic elements with the themes separated into clusters that create exciting sight lines for guests. The Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival is about socialization and creating memories. In a world of smart phones, texts and social media, people need an outlet to connect in person again. Festivals are events that appeals to almost everyone and the natural gaps of time between entertainment and activities allows families, friends or work mates to engage in conversation, grab some food and enjoy.

Food... Glorious Food

The festival's food options are distinctly different than the usual fare one might expect. The food vendors feature a variety of offerings such as pierogies, gyros, chicken on a stick and chocolate covered desserts to mention a few. They have created a collection of food items that are perfect for sharing; guests can order combinations of savory offerings and sweet delights, then taste a little bit of everything. It creates a very interactive and social experience where the festival concept helps break the ice and allow guests of all ages to relax and enjoy their time at our festival.

Our Story

This annual three-day event held in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, the last weekend in September showcases the area's heritage and its glass industry. It was originated with the idea of providing an event to celebrate the community's ethnic differences, honor its industrial and ethnic heritage, and give local charitable organizations a yearly opportunity for fund- raising.
The name of the festival derives from the glass-blowing demonstrations and displays, which are its centerpiece. The labor force and fuel available in the coal and coke region had long ago attracted the glass industry to the Mt. Pleasant.
Through the years, there have been some changes and additions, but for over 25 years, the Mount Pleasant Glass and Ethnic Festival has always represented the soul of the community.

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Mount Pleasant Borough incorporated 1828
1st Meeting was held 1986
1st Annual Glass & Ethnic Festival 1987 (Name Change)
Glass and Nationality 1988 (Name Change)
Glass Festival 1990 (Name Change)
1st National Entertainment (Girls Next Door) 1990
1st KidsFest 1990
Glass and Ethnic Festival 1994 (Name Change)
10th Anniversary 1996
1st Baby Contest 1997
Permanent Addition: Library of Congress
Local Legacies 2000
Sparky the Sparkle Mascot introduced 2007
Old Town debuted 2007
1st Sparkle Spectacular 2008
1st Pet Contest 2008
25th Anniversary 2011
1st Illumination Launch 2011

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival is a unique celebration of tradition that honors the town’s arts, heritage, and industry. Here, all ages can experience a magical event where families can immerse themselves in the festivities while having fun and creating memories.
Vision Statement

The Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival will be dedicated as an annual treasured event. Themed areas, which tell a story and are inspired by innovation and new ideas, will be a concept that sets the bar high. The festival will never be completed, as it continues to re-invent itself through creativity, imagination and vision. It will always be fresh and vibrant at a consistent high level.

Once inside the festival berm, the flavor and feel of the event will be historical, educational and modern. The attractions, sounds, smells and entertainment will touch everyone. Visitors will appreciate the attention to details and clean environment, as they are treated as valued guests by a friendly festival team. Enjoyable new experiences and unexpected surprises will make this sparkling fall spectacular a memorable homecoming tradition.

Mt. Pleasant’s signature event will be a marketing and fund-raising tool by attracting thousands of tourists of all ages. Achieving a goal of being a philanthropic organization, the festival will continue to benefit our community for years to come. The Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival legacy will be ageless.

History of Sparky - Sparky the Sparkle

The Mount Pleasant Glass and Ethnic Festival Mascot

During the early 1900s, glass manufacturing was prominent in the friendly town of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. A young immigrant glass artist made Mount Pleasant his home while working for a small glass factory. He worked diligently day after day, hour after hour, creating crystal works of art with a delicate hand and unique precision. He was a gifted craftsman, capable of shaping glass into almost anything imaginable.

This young artisan was asked by the company's founder to create unique crystal pieces to give to the young men from Mount Pleasant who were going off to war. He wanted to give them a small piece of their hometown for when they got homesick.

Laboring late into the night, the glassmaker got an idea. Working carefully with the molten glass, he blew into the pipe and swung it back and forth while varying the temperature in order to create the desired shape. He cut designs into the glass with detailed artistry, then polished it for hours. The glass smith created an object that had a beautiful and flawless sparkle. When the young immigrant saw his reflection in the sparkle, he dreamed of a promising future in the small town of Mount Pleasant. Calling it Sparky, his heart felt proud.

The soldiers carried Sparky across the ocean. The lovingly crafted glass brought them hope and light in the dark of war. As the soldiers traveled through the war-torn regions, they gave Sparky away to others who needed a little hope in their lives.

Many years later he retired, no longer able to do the work he loved. When the elderly artisan was cleaning his work area, he found a shining, sparkling glass piece just like the ones he remembered making for the young soldiers. His heart filled with pride as he gazed upon the last Sparky.

Throughout the years, this sparkle of glass became a symbol of hope and inspiration for Mount Pleasant. The Glass and Ethnic Festival was formed to celebrate the ethnic diversity and glass heritage of the community, and took on the sparkle as a symbol of a hope-filled vision. The vision became reality through Sparky.

Sparky the Sparkle continues to bring hope and joy to all of Mount Pleasant. During the Glass and Ethnic Festival, people from all over celebrate a sparkling fall spectacular and homecoming tradition.

If you would like to have Sparky at your next event, please call Jeff at 724.542.4711.