Frequently Asked Questions

Festival Committee Members and Volunteers are wearing colored Festival Shirts. If you are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are happy to answer your questions!
Guests are encouraged to leave their backpacks, duffle bags or other large bags at home. Bags could be subject to search.

1Where can I park?
Parking is available on the streets and parking lots of Mount Pleasant as well as free satellite parking with free shuttles to the festival. Handicapped parking is also available. Please click here for maps and directions.
2Is there a rain date for the festival?
The festival will always be the last full weekend in September rain, snow or shine. Opens daily at 11:00am.
3When and where is the Parade?
The Parade starts at 2:00 pm on Saturday. It will be located on Main Street.
4Can I bring my pet?
No animals of any kind are permitted except for those who help the impaired.
5Do the vendors accept credit cards?
Some of our vendors do accept credit cards. For those who do not, the ATMs are located on the corner of Main and Church Streets for Standard Bank and PNC. Keybank is located in the middle of Mainstreet.
6Do you sell alcohol?
No. You can purchase and drink alcoholic beverages at any of Mount Pleasant’s restaurants and bars within walking distance of the festival.
7Where can I charge my phone?
We have charger stations located at the Glass Festival Trailer near midway.
8Where is the lost and found?
The lost and found is located at the Festival Information Trailer just steps from midway.
9Where can I sit to see the staged entertainment?
You can bring your own seating to watch any stage happenings. Any chairs or blankets must be removed after the event.
10Where can I go for more information?
You are always welcome to ask any and all questions at the Glass Festival trailer located by the "Hub sign". Which is in the middle of Washington St. and Diamond St.
11Do you have designated smoking areas?
No, unfortunately we do not have designated non-smoking areas.
12Are there places to sit and eat?
We have many picnic tables scattered throughout the festival with umbrellas to shade you while you eat.
13Where are the restrooms?
Restroom facilities are located at both ends of the festival plus midway. There are also waterless hand sanitizing stations located throughout the festival.
14Is there a place to change my baby?
Yes. Located near midway is a private area where you can take care of all of your baby’s needs.
15Can I ride my bike or skateboard to the festival?
Bikes, skateboards, heelies, or scooters are not permitted inside the festival. Lock your bike or scooter at one of the festival entrances. Skateboards are not permitted within the Borough.
16How do I become a vendor?
Instructions are found on the vendor page.
17How can I volunteer?
Learn more here.
18How can I contact the festival?
Via phone: 724.542.4711
Via email: mpgaef@hotmail.com
Via facebook: Facebook
Mailing address: Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival
1 Etze Ave.
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666
19Who do I contact regarding the website?