With all the great attractions here. Mount Pleasant lights up the night every night!

Illumination Launch - Reach Skyward

For over 25 years, the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival has been celebrating our diverse history from a stage coach stop to a coal mining and glass making center. Throughout the generations, many different cultures and ethnicities settled here. Today, Mount Pleasant’s diversity of ethnic heritage gives the town its color and vibrancy.

The different colored lanterns launched from the heart of the festival remind us that each of us is different. As the lanterns reach into the sky, our differences meld to become one beautiful show.

We invite you to be a part of our community, even for an evening. Light a lantern. Remember from where you came and let the light guide you to where you’re going.

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Sparkle Spectacular - Be Dazzled

Glass. The mere mention of the word invokes the image of a clear, sparkling material. We drink out of it. We look through it. Glass can be etched, rippled, frosted, molded, pressed, and blown.

Glassmakers in this region created their art in a vast array of colors. Though most of the companies have gone, their colorful glass creations remain. Many residents display and still use locally mad glass in their homes.

Sparkle Spectacular celebrates the essence of the glass making tradition. With over 12,500 different colored lights, the gazebo sparkles in synchronization to music. Twice nightly, the dazzle of beautiful glass is reflected in Veteran’s Park at the center of the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival. When we see the gazebo ablaze in color, it is a reminder that the melody of our past lights our future.


Fireworks light up the sky with background music over Mount Pleasant Sunday evening, closing the festival.

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